Stork Hospitals is one of the best ENT hospitals in Kompally, Hyderabad. Our hospital is a multi special care hospital that provides services round the clock. With the best team of doctors, nurses, practitioners we provide expert and individualized care for each of our patients. Our team at stork hospital is specially trained to treat common to complex Ear, Nose, and Throat problems. The hospital is equipped to cater to all your medical needs from general medicine to Maxillofacial surgery. Stork Hospital is one of the best ent hospitals in Hyderabad with the latest medical equipment, state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate highly specialized treatments. 

Stork Hospitals is proud of its skilled and highly qualified team of doctors who use the latest technologies to perform surgeries and treatment of any disorders or infections to the ear, nose, and throat. We treat conditions of ear, nose, and throat in children and adults along with any problems in hearing and deafness, cancers in the ENT, and ringing in the ears. 

Get highly advanced ENT treatment with the Best ent specialist in Hyderabad

Ear infections? Snoring? Or recurring sore throat? We have the expertise to meet the needs of our patients and have established a specifically trained and disciplinary team. Our general ENT team performs a variety of procedures from ear tube insertion and tonsillectomies to removing any cancer in the head, neck, and throat. Alongside, our specialists work closely with audiologists to provide patients with appropriate treatment for hearing issues and also speech-language pathologists to treat patients with swallowing or voice issues.

Types of ENT diseases treated by our experts

Our otolaryngologists and several ENT specialists in Hyderabad practice their medical profession at Stork hospital and aim at providing the treatment of ENT diseases like adenoiditis, breathing difficulties to sleep apnea. Alongside we have a specialized and dedicated team to perform surgeries like FESS, adenoidectomy, stapedectomy, tonsillectomy, etc.

Our services

The department of Advanced ENT at stork hospital is equipped with the best Ent specialist in kompally, Hyderabad. Some of the services we offer include


  • Ear reconstruction
  • Balloon sinuplasty
  • Easing breathing difficulty through the nose
  • Trachea procedures
  • Throat care
  • Sleep medicine
  • Nasal and sinus surgery
  • Tonsillectomy 
  • Surgical and medical treatments for ear disorders
  • Balance issues
  • Sailoendoscopy

Need for ENT treatment

Stork hospital is one of the best ent hospitals in Hyderabad to treat any issues that include common treatment of ear, nose, and throat. Some  of the conditions  where there might be a need for you to see a doctor are:

  • Injury to nose, ear, or throat
  • Nerve problems in nose, ear, or throat 
  • Ear infection
  • Dizziness
  • Swimmer’s ear
  • Hearing impairment
  • Tinnitus
  • Breathing problems
  • Tonsil
  • Asthma
  • Ear, nose, and throat with birth defects
  • Sinus problems
  • Problem with smell
  • Sore throat
  • Swallowing problems
  • Nasal congestion

Apart from the regular treatment for ENT, we also provide the expertise treatments:

  • Cochlear implant
  • Revision ear surgeries
  • Middle Ear implant surgery
  • Revision surgery for thyroid
  • Phono surgery
  • Hearing evaluation for adults and children
  • Testing for balance disorders
  • Special hearing tests for children who are deaf since birth

Best ENT dentist in Kompally

Stork hospital is well-known for its excellent practice and treatments and is one of the best ent hospitals in kompally using the latest technologies and keeps updating the team for the same. With advanced ENT, head, and neck diagnostic, and surgical equipment for procedures we at stork hospital focus on providing the best and affordable treatment for all our patients.


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